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Norwest Industrial Roofing specialise in new roofing, flat roofing, re roofing, roof refurbishment, over sheeting, cladding systems, felt roofing, composite roof sheeting, replacement rooflights, and industrial roofing services throughout the North West.

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Inevitably there are occasions when there is no alternative but to completely replace a worn out or severely damaged roof. At such times it is vital that the minimum disruption to the Client's activities is achieved and here the value of the experience and expertise of Norwest becomes apparent.

Norwest can provide information of the latest roofing systems and materials available whereby the choice of style, colour and fabric may be made.

"Latest roofing systems and materials available"

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A convenient way of avoiding the inevitable disruption caused by removing and replacing an old roof is simply overlay it with new cover. Usually a new skin of lightweight metal sheeting is fixed over the existing roof and secured through it to the main structure.

This can achieve significant savings and the insulation is also considerably upgraded. The new cladding can be extended over the side walls to further increase the weatherproofing provided.

"Achieve significant savings"

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Felt Roofing

Felt Roofing employing traditional materials can be a constant source of problems. The new generation of high performance membranes is far superior both in proofing qualities and ability to withstand the movement of a roof's structure.

Installed and recommended by Norwest, this new system may include a ten year insurance backed guarantee.

"May include a ten year insurance backed guarantee"

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Significant improvement in the efficiency and appearance of older industrial premises may be achieved by re-cladding the sidewalls.

For this a variety of decorative yet functional panels of protected steel, aluminium or fibre cement may also be fitted to reduce heating costs.

"Reduce heating costs"

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Roof Conversions

This is a fast growing sector. The company has recently completed a number of contracts for Local Authorities where troublesome flat roofs have been converted to pitched roofs utilising lightweight steel framework and a variety of roof finishes. In most cases this can be completed without disruption to operations within the building.

"Variety of roof finishes"

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Other Services

In addition Norwest Industrial Roofing also offers various other roofing related services including:

Roof light replacement, Gutter repairs (including flexible linings), Sheet repairs, Glazing repairs, General maintenance

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