The Complete Roofing & Cladding Service

The roofs and walls of all industrial buildings need regular maintenance.

Such work requires trustworthy professionals with wide experience and with knowledge of all the latest techniques and materials.

Norwest industrial Roofing is a company that brings integrity and good workmanship to every project, and to every problem, solutions that are imaginative, efficient and cost effective.

Norwest industrial Roofing roofing cladding

Customer Service and Quality Standards

In keeping with the value that Norwest attaches to its long term reputation, customer satisfaction is of the first priority throughout every stage.

Every contract is specified, monitored and completed to meet all relevant quality standards including those imposed by the latest European legislation.

Reliable, Long Established Service

Above all else, a roofing service needs to be reliable. Norwest Roofing has been established for over twenty years. Long enough to earn a reputation that has secured regular contracts with some of the most highly regarded companies in the North West. Companies such as Rolls Royce, United Biscuits, Philips, Rank Hovis MacDougall and many more. Important names but just a few amongst many more clients, large and small, all of whom receive the same high degree of attention.

Above all else, Norwest provides a service that is reliable. For response, performance, workmanship and customer care, you can depend upon Norwest.